Welcome to Year 1/2! We are The Mad Hatters Class!

Miss Holmes, Mrs Parker and Mrs Smith

I hope you are all as excited as I am to get back to school! I have lots of amazing things planned for us to do together this year. Here are some important days for you to remember:

On Tuesdays we will have our PE lesson, please bring your full PE kit.

On Thursdays we have forest schools ALL afternoon, so make sure you are wearing appropriate clothing and shoes. We will be going out whatever the weather!

Please make sure your children bring their school water bottles if they brought these home over the summer. As well as this please bring your book bags!

Thank you for your continued support, 

Miss Holmes

Our learning Journey Begins here.....

Take a look around our classroom!

Week 1

This week we have started our Let’s celebrate topic in class and have been learning all about Bonfire Night! We have looked at why we celebrate bonfire night and what happened in the Gunpowder plot. We have been looking at some rhyming words in our English lessons this week and have created some fantastic firework poems. We have finished off our week by having a bonfire party and building our own bonfire outside. We even had some hot chocolate sparklers and chocolate sparklers! 
Our stars of the week are Isabelle for having an amazing attitude to her learning and always being a kind and helpful child in our class and Lucas for trying really hard in his read, write inc lessons and being eager to contribute to our class discussions.

Autumn 2

 Autumn 2 Curriculum Progression for KS1 Topic Lets celebrate.docxDownload
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 Autumn 2 Let's celebrate Homework grid KS1 Year A.docxDownload
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Week 7

Wow Mad Hatters! We have had an amazing first half term! I am so incredibly proud of all the hard work you have all done and the amazing attitude to learning you have had this half term. We have had a super week in class celebrating all things spooky for Halloween and it has been so much fun! I hope you all have a lovely well-deserved week off!

Our stars of the week are Jayden for having fantastic behaviour in and outside of the classroom and having lovely sitting when joining our carpet sessions. Our second star of the week is Lacie for being a superstar in her Read, write, Inc lessons and being really enthusiastic and engaged in all of her learning.

Week 6

This week we have gone on an incredible journey across the sea with the Snail and the Whale and seen all the exciting places they visited on their journey. We have even written our very own snail diary and postcard to remember all of the places they visited. We have started our super addition this week and the children have been great at using different methods to add and subtract using their number bonds.
In the Pink Read, Write, Inc. group the children have been learning the sounds ir, oy, oi, ea, e-a, i-e, o-e
In the Red Read, Write, Inc. group the children have been learning the sounds: l, h, u, b, e, f
Please can you practice these at home with the children as well as their book bag books, they have been given. I will be giving daily dojo's out to children who bring their book bag in everyday! Well done Superstars!
Our Stars of the week are Reenie for having a fantastic first week at our school and settling in well to her new class. She has shown us all how amazing she is at her writing and reading. Our second star of the week is Igor for trying incredibly hard in his Read, Write, Inc. lessons and being incredibly enthusiastic by doing extra practice with his sounds.

Week 5

This week in Mad Hatters class we have been looking at our new story ‘The snail and the whale’ and have made some fantastic and creative story maps to help us retell the story. We have been using some great adjectives in our descriptions of the setting in the story. In art we have completed our under the sea dioramas and they look fantastic! The children have loved adding different types of fish and coral to make their dioramas looks super! Well done on another great week Mad Hatters!

Our Stars of the week are Alec for being a superstar in Read, Write, Inc and having a fantastic attitude and enthusiasm for his learning and Sienna for being super enthusiastic in all of her lessons and having some amazing ideas to contribute to our lessons 


Week 4
What a fabulous week we have had in Mad Hatters class! We have done our last week on the story the Night pirates and have been doing some amazing sentence writing. The children are excited to see what story we will look at next! We have all been doing some great work in our Read, Write Inc. sessions and the children are really trying their hardest to use their Fred fingers and Fred talk to sound out their words. Well done Mad Hatters on such a great week in school!
Our stars of the week are Isaac for being really enthusiastic in class and trying his hardest to complete his work with super neat handwriting. He is being a very good role model in our class. Our second star of the week is Michal for always being a super learner in class and creating some fabulous art work this week. 

Week 3

This week we have been having lots of fun thinking of different actions to help us retell our story 'The night pirates' and creating a wanted poster for Captain Patch! We have been trying really hard to count in 10's this week and have been fabulous at recognising our tens and ones! In forest schools we have been using some exciting equipment to saw our very own wooden octopuses. Well done Mad Hatters for a great week!

Our stars of the week are Eadie for always putting 100% effort in everything she does and always being very kind and helpful inside and outside of our classroom and also Blake for settling into his new class and being very enthusiastic and trying incredibly hard in all his lessons.

Week 2

We have had an amazing week this week in the Mad hatters classroom! We have been looking at our new story The Night Pirates and the children have been amazing at retelling the story and sequencing it. We have also done our first big write and the children have done some fantastic writing! We have been loving our forest school time this week and have been creating a pirate picture out of the resources we have found in the forest! Well done on an amazing week everyone! 

Our stars of the week are Zakariya for putting lots of effort and detail into his English work and having a great attitude in school and Jodie for being a super mathematician this week and being so helpful and kind in our classroom

Week 1

Wow! What an amazing first week back to school! The children have been amazing all week and I am so proud of them. We have been making our mad hats for our classroom display and practising all our sounds and doing some lovely all about me writing. We finished our lovely week off with a super special golden time by having our Mad Hatters tea party and had a fabulous time! Thank you to all the children in my class this week for coming back with the biggest smiles, positivity and so much enthusiasm! 

Our stars of the week are Darcie and Pheobe for doing some amazing work and being really enthusiastic and positive all week! 

Autumn 1 

 Autumn 1 Curriculum Progression for KS1 Topic Into the Deep.docxDownload
 Autumn 1 Knowledge Organiser - In the deep.docxDownload
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