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Year 5/6 Dalmatians!

Welcome to Year 5/6.

Mr Finch is joined by Miss Hunter and Mrs Rhodes.

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Week 3 


Week 3 down, and what a week! We have been looking at the battle of Marathon this week. A marathon is 26 miles. Ask your child to tell you how the marathon got its name!
In Maths, we have been covering place value, and in particular column addition. Your child will be bringing homework over the weekend to complete. 
Our trip is booked to the Science Museum for the 24th November. Please make sure you ask Mr Finch or the office if you have any enquiries. 
Special mentions this week to Eva-Lee and Tyla. Eva-Lee is a tremendous influence in the class, and Tyla is much improved. 
Check out Eva-Lee's prototype comic book below!
Mr Finch
Week 2 
Week 2 down, and another great week in Team Finch. This week, we've been getting to grips with Place Value in Maths; making sure we can break numbers down into their place values, and add and subtract tens, hundreds and thousands. 
In history, we have been looking at the timeline of Ancient Greece. Was it before or after the Ancient Egyptians? How many years was it before the Victorians? Ask the class to find out. 
Special mentions to Jade for excellent behaviour, and Tyler W for his inspiration Head Boy speech. 

Autumn 1 


Welcome to Team Finch 21/22! We've had a great week back, and are stuck into our new topic 'Ancient Greece'. The class are loving the new novel 'Who Let The Gods Out' and are producing some fantastic artwork. Check out the pictures below for more information and examples of our work. 
Special mentions to David this week for his great team spirit and problem solving, and Kaitlin for her wonderful attitude in class.