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Welcome to Year 5/6.

Mr Finch is joined by Miss Hunter and Mrs Rhodes.

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Spring 1 


Welcome back Team Finch. Take a look below at the planning files for this half term. 

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Week 4
Here we are at the end of Week 4. Well done Team Finch for another great week. We have been working hard on our maths this week, looking at different triangles and their properties. Ask your child about the different types of triangles. 
In English - there's been a murder! Or has there? Was Kissin' Kate Barlow acting in self defence. The children this week have begun to write newspaper articles - both biased and unbiased - about Kissin' Kate Barlow. 
Special mentions this week to Lexi R for some fantastic writing and Jade P for excellent behaviour. 
Take a look at the HAKA above!
Well done Team Finch.

Week 3

Week 3 down Team Finch! 
This week, we have been working on BODMAS. We've been working extremely hard on all sorts of problems - well done to all involved. 
In English, we have written out letters to Stanley's Mum. Some were true, some were LIES! We used lots of persuasive features, such as exaggeration and super synonyms. 
In History, we learned that people travelled to the American West for all sorts of reasons. Some of those reasons were better than others...
Well done Team Finch. 


Week 2 
This week, we have been looking at the USA. We all know the USA is 50 states - but has it always been that way? Team Finch have learned that the USA was originally 13 states, and that they migrated west, which was called 'Manifest Destiny'. They owned all the current USA in only 80 years! 
In Maths, we have been focusing on decimals. We have multiplied them, divided them, added them and subtracted them. Well done Team Finch for taking it all in! 
Next week, we will look towards more Banksy-style artwork, and why people emigrated West in the USA. 
Special mentions to Tyler W for his artwork (see below) and Darcie-Neveah for awesome maths work. 
Thank you Team Finch

Week 1 


What a first week back Team Finch! We've started our new topic - the Wild West. Was it so wild? Where was it? So far, we have learned that it was in the USA. Ask your children about the key geographical features of this fascinating country. 
In Maths, we have been working on multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000. We've been working with concrete resources, and making sure we have a good understanding of this. Please help your child with their homework this weekend. 
In Forest Schools, we have been making our own Tipi. 
Special mentions this week to Jasmine for some great Maths, and Bailey who has really turned a corner in Year Six. 
Well done Team Finch

Week 7 


Merry Christmas Team Finch. 


Well done Team Finch - we made it to the end! This week, we finally fired our rockets into outer space (Okay, maybe 50 feet into the air). We've had a fun crafty week, making calendars and Christmas trees. We've also reproduced a Robert Frost poem - and done some lovely handwriting. 
Have a great Christmas Team Finch, and I'll see you refreshed in the new year!

Week 6

Are we really at the end of the term team Finch? This week we have begun our Science work - Rockets! We have seen Mr Finch blast off several on the school field, and deduced that we need a certain amount of water for the maximum height. 
In Maths - we are looking at quadrilaterals. We know there are six of them, but do we know all their properties? 
We have a packed Christmas week next week. Enjoy it Team Finch. 
Special mentions this week to Kenzie for a much better week, and Alex W for better presentation in his work. 
Well done. 


Week 5 


Team Finch! Another great week down, and only two to go. This week - we have been creating ziplines. Ask your child how gravity affects how objects fall. Does everything fall at the same pace? 
In Maths, we are getting to grips with percentages. We've done so much great learning with those 'bad models', and we are ready to work faster. We'll be wrapping that up next week and starting some festive maths. 
Special mentions to Mathews and Eunice - they are both the gel that holds the class together!
Well done Team Finch 

Week 4 


Thank you Team Finch for a superb week. We had a wonderful Science trip, and wrapped up all our learning about Space and the Planets. We have produced some fantastic Stephen Hawking writing too - who knew he was such an influential Scientific figure? 
In Maths, we have looked at fractions of amounts. Please help your child with their homework this weekend. 
Next week - get ready for some fascinating Science work - we will be explaining the principles behind zip lines!
Thank you Team Finch for a great week. 
Special mentions to Olly for some great behaviour on our trip, and Darcie-Neveah for some competitive hockey playing! 
Mr Finch 
Week 3
Hasn't this week gone by so fast? Well done to all the class this week. We have been studying one of Britain's finest ever Scientists - Stephen Hawking. He had a remarkable life, despite his illnesses. We're all inspired by his work. 
In maths this week, we have been looking at the 'dreaded' equivalent fractions. I say 'dreaded' as at the start of the week we found them really difficult. But we are getting the hang of them now. Well done Team Finch for perseverance! 
Next week, get ready for some amazing Science experiments - and our superb Science trip to Bradford Media Museum!
Mr Finch
Week 2 
Well done this week Team Finch for a tough Assessment Week. We've done so well - especially in Maths and Writing. 
We've also been looking this week at day and night - what is it? What causes it? Ask your child for more information. 
Next week, we begin our writing on one of the most famous scientists of all time - Stephen Hawking. 
Special mentions to Kaitlin for a cracking week of assessments, and Niamh, who is just, well, Niamh. 
Have a great weekend, and make sure you are well rested. 
Mr Finch

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Week 1

Who knew Space was so vast? This week we have learned that it would take SEVEN YEARS to get to Saturn in a rocket. We have also learned that there is no evidence that the earth is flat - but it still helps to think scientifically about these things. 
In Maths - fractions work has begun! We have relearned the parts of a fractions, and shown them using concrete resources. Now, we will move on to fractions of amounts. 
Special mentions to Layton this week - well done for excellent behaviour. Harry also for increased effort in class. 
Well done for a great first week back team Finch. 
Week 6 done, and one to go! We've had possible the best week yet in Team Finch. There have been some wonderful Parthenon Marbles created. Ask your child where the Parthenon Marbles should be - Greece or the UK? It is a hotly debated topic! 
In Maths - we have been going through factors, multiples and primes. It has been a tough one, but we have made lots of progress. 
Special mentions this week to Lilly and Sky - both fantastic pupils to have in the class. 
Well done Year 5/6 - you've been great. 


Week 5 down - that went fast! 
This week, we have finally finished our Battle of Marathon Comics. They look superb, and are a wonderful way to tell one of the stories from Ancient Greece. Now, we begin our epic Greek Tales - creating our own Gods and writing our narratives. 
In Maths - we have been solving some two step problems, and even took part this week in the Maths World Cup! We had a wonderful time, and enjoyed burning off some calories whilst working. 
Let's enjoy our last two weeks Team Finch - we've made so much progress.
Week 4 down - and what  week! We enjoyed making flatbreads in Forest Schools. It was absolutely delicious. 
In Maths, we have been looking at subtraction. It has been tough at times, but the class are there now - and well done! 
We have created some great Parthenon Marble split pin models in Art. Special mention to Maisie-Leigh - hers was fantastic! 
Also a special mention to Jake this week - always has the class cheered up!
Don't forget to sign your letter for the trip to Bradford Science Museum 24th November!
Mr Finch

Week 3 


Week 3 down, and what a week! We have been looking at the battle of Marathon this week. A marathon is 26 miles. Ask your child to tell you how the marathon got its name!
In Maths, we have been covering place value, and in particular column addition. Your child will be bringing homework over the weekend to complete. 
Our trip is booked to the Science Museum for the 24th November. Please make sure you ask Mr Finch or the office if you have any enquiries. 
Special mentions this week to Eva-Lee and Tyla. Eva-Lee is a tremendous influence in the class, and Tyla is much improved. 
Check out Eva-Lee's prototype comic book below!
Mr Finch
Week 2 
Week 2 down, and another great week in Team Finch. This week, we've been getting to grips with Place Value in Maths; making sure we can break numbers down into their place values, and add and subtract tens, hundreds and thousands. 
In history, we have been looking at the timeline of Ancient Greece. Was it before or after the Ancient Egyptians? How many years was it before the Victorians? Ask the class to find out. 
Special mentions to Jade for excellent behaviour, and Tyler W for his inspiration Head Boy speech. 

Autumn 1 


Welcome to Team Finch 21/22! We've had a great week back, and are stuck into our new topic 'Ancient Greece'. The class are loving the new novel 'Who Let The Gods Out' and are producing some fantastic artwork. Check out the pictures below for more information and examples of our work. 
Special mentions to David this week for his great team spirit and problem solving, and Kaitlin for her wonderful attitude in class.