Be SafeBe RespectfulBe Responsible Be a LearnerBe a LeaderBe the Best you can Be!





Our expectation is that all of our children behave in a safe and respectful manner taking responsibility for their own actions. This is reflected in our school rules of:


Be Safe . Be Respectful . Be Responsible


Sometimes children make choices that do not follow these rules. Our Behaviour policy (which can be found on our website) states clearly the consequences and opportunities for reflection following their poor choices.


We expect children to make choices that are Safe, Respectful and Responsible. This reflects the expectation of the world around them and are the foundation of all of our laws and expectations in society today.


We have a reward system in the form of ‘Dojo’ points whereby children collect points for demonstrating safe, respectful and responsible behaviour or through good behaviours for learning. They can spend these virtual points in the Dojo shop each half term. 


Children who have had ‘3 strikes’ and had to work in a partner class have a reflection time during lunchtime to discuss their choices and reflect on improving these in the future.


Across the whole school we use a 5 point scale to self-regulate and manage behaviours effectively. This is modelled by all staff and used consistently in its approach for all of our learners.