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New uniform September 2021!

Jade Green Polo Shirts are available to purchase from Sainsburys TU or ASDA George Online. 

Trousers/Skirts/Pinafores should all be grey... 

GREEN summer dresses or grey tailored shorts are appropriate summer wear.

All footwear should be black and closed toe with no heels. NO Trainers.

Socks can be white or grey.

Uniform PE kit must be worn by all year 1 to 6 Children.

Please note Year 6 Children uniform is a white shirt and tie, instead of the jade green polo.

Check out the uniform website below where you can order logo Items from!

The school logo will not be enforced on items, but are available, should you wish.

Current Uniform Sept 2021 to July 2022


Our school uniform consists of:

    • Grey trousers, pinafore or skirt
    • Jade green polo t.shirt, Nursery to Year 5
    • White shirt and Tie for Year 6
    • Navy blue cardigan or jumper (without hood)
    • Black school shoes (not trainers)
    • White/Grey socks
    • Grey tights
    • Green summer dresses may be worn in summer
    • Grey tailored shorts may be worn in summer 


  • PE KIT ( Year 1 to 6 Only)
    • Plain blue shorts 
    • White t.shirt with school logo
    • Black pumps (indoor)
    • Trainers (outdoor)   



We have high standards at Streethouse Primary and want all of our children to feel valued and smart in their appearance therefore:


    • Extreme hairstyles and colours are not allowed
    • Hair should be natural in colour
    • Long hair should be tied up (to avoid headlice)
    • Lines and patterns should not be shaved into the style

Children may wear simple headbands, bobbles, clips that are neutral in colour and size or in keeping with the school uniform (eg. Navy bows)


  • A watch may be worn – but this must NOT be a smart watch
  • ONE single pair of studs in the lower lobe may be worn (removed for PE)
  • Nail varnish cannot be worn – fingers or toes
  • False / acrylic nails are not allowed
  • Tattoos (temporary) should not be worn during term time
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