Streethouse Primary School

Streethouse Primary School

Be the best that you can be!

Be SafeBe RespectfulBe Responsible Be a LearnerBe a LeaderBe the Best you can Be!

Whinney Lane, Pontefract, West Yorkshire, WF7 6DJ

01977 798616

Our priorities

Our priorities


At Streethouse Primary our priority is always the children’s education and their welfare. Each school year we identify key areas of improvement in order to continue to drive standards and school improvement of all.


This year our 5 key areas are:


Developing Leadership at all levels


Improving Early Reading


Developing the Curriculum


Improving the Early Years Foundation Stage


and focusing on Behaviour, Attendance and SEND (Strengthening Inclusion)


Alongside these five key areas, due to the Covid19 pandemic; mental health and well-being of our pupils play a significant role in the daily life of our school. We continue to strive to support all of our families and the community to ensure our pupils receive bespoke and timely intervention or additional support at this unprecedented time.

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