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WHAT ARE THEIR Roles and responsibilities?

The Governing Board has a strategic responsibility for the school, acting within the framework set by national legislation and the policies of Wakefield Council and the school.

Governors work as a team. They are responsible for making sure the school provides a good quality education for all pupils. Raising educational standards in school is a key priority. This has the best chance of happening when there are high expectations of what pupils can achieve.
Governors promote effective ways of teaching and learning when setting the school aims and policies. They do this together with the head teacher, who is responsible for the day-to-day management of the school.
Head teachers are recruited and selected by governors - and most head teachers choose to be governors themselves.

Governing boards are accountable to parents, the local community and the Local Authority. Appointments are usually for four years. The governing board's main role is to help raise pupils' standards of achievement.


The Governing Board:

  • is accountable for the performance of the school to parents and the wider community
  • plans the school's future direction 
  • selects the head teacher 
  • makes decisions on the school's budget and staffing including the performance management policy 
  • makes sure the agreed Curriculum is well taught
  • decides how the school can encourage pupils' spiritual, moral and cultural development 
  • makes sure the school provides for all pupils including those with special needs.




Governors are at the heart of how a school operates. It's important they get things right. How they do their job effects the interests of pupils, staff and the reputation of the school in the community. Governors support and challenge head teachers by gathering views, asking questions and discussing what's best for the school. They are not there to rubber stamp decisions. They have to be prepared to give and take advice and must be loyal to decisions taken by the governing board as a whole. 


  • Ensure clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction
  • Hold the Headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils
  • Oversee the financial performance of the school making sure its money is well spent

They do this by reporting on the objectives through meeting as; a Resource and Finance Committee, Standards and Pupils Committee and a Headteacher's Performance Review Panel. The Full Governing Board meet together 4 times per year.

Over the year governors will undertake a number of activities in order to monitor progress, these include:

  • Visiting the school to see the work that is being undertaken to achieve the objectives outlined in the School Development Plan
  • Conducting surveys of pupils, parents and staff
  • Inviting members of the SLT to meetings to report on and discuss key areas


The governors and school are supported by external advisors who provide an outside view of the performance and report on the school's strengths and areas for improvement.  Actions plans are part of development for everyone.  Governors undertake a wide range of training to help them carry out their roles effectively.

School Governor Meeting Attendance 2022/23




As a Wakefield Local Authority maintained school, we have a Governing Body that consists of 12 members: 1 Headteacher, 1 Staff representative, 1 LA appointed member, 2 parents and 7 Co-opted governors.  Plus our clerk! Scroll down to meet them and find out more about our current vacancies!




Upcoming Meetings 2023/24:


These take place at Streethouse Primary School at 5:30pm


Full Governors Meetings:


Autumn: Tuesday 3rd October 2023

                 Tuesday 5th December 2023


Spring: Tuesday 30th January 2024

              Tuesday 19th March 2024


Summer: Tuesday 21st May 2024

                 Thursday 27th June 2024


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Gavin Howarth

Chair of Governors


As a father of two primary school age children and a husband to a Learning Support Assistant who has worked in a number of local schools, I have become increasingly aware over recent times of the importance of school governance.

I have felt for some time a responsibility to put some of my own life and work skills and experiences into good use in my local community and I am really pleased to have the opportunity to do that as a Governor at Streethouse Primary school.

I have a range of analytical, leadership and decision making skills developed through my role as an asset planning engineer for a large local energy utility company which I feel complements the existing team at Streethouse Primary.  I am excited to support to the school in its efforts to provide a safe, enjoyable and effective environment for the children to learn and develop at this very exciting and important time in their lives.


Mandy Gorse

Co-Opted Governor

I was delighted to join the Streethouse Governing Board in December 2022, having made the decision to offer my time to support the local community and share my business knowledge and experience.  I have a lifelong passion for education and feel that I now have time to give something back, having retired from a long and very rewarding career in Civil Engineering.  I am very much looking forward to making a positive contribution to Streethouse Primary School as a Governor.  I live in Wakefield with my husband and two dogs and enjoy painting, reading, walking and new adventures.


Nikkie Wright

Headteacher (Ex-Officio)




Suzanne Linane

LA Governor 

I became a governor of a secondary school eight years ago and it has been a great learning, challenging and rewarding experience.  I have been Chair of a subcommittee previously and I am currently Vice Chair of Governors at the secondary school.  I am delighted to have been appointed as a Governor at Streethouse Primary School and feel my skills and experience of governorship will be a great support to the board and the school as a whole. 

Professional Experiences

I currently work in the Health and Safety team for the Local Authority, previously I have been a School Business Manager for four years and worked in retail for 27 years, of which most of them were spent as part of the management team.  My experiences cover all aspects of working at management level within a high-profile company.  During my time in retail, I was given the opportunity to work in the community and support charities and schools, it was through this I decided to seek out a Governor post.

Personal Background

I am an ex-pupil of Crofton schools.  I have a 20 year old daughter who is in her final year of University and a 16 year old son, who has just started a joinery apprenticeship.  He is also a keen rugby player.  I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, walking the dog and going out on my bike.  I am also a volunteer at my son's rugby club.



Hazel James

Staff Governor


Deborah Morris

Co-opted Governor


20 years ago I was incredibly lucky and secured my first teaching position at Streethouse School as Year1/2 teacher.
Since then I have been incredibly fortunate and have had the opportunity to take on a variety of different roles within the school. At the moment I am Assistant Headteacher, Early Years Leader, SENDCo and Designated Safeguarding Lead: All of which I have a keen interest in.
I firmly believe that all children deserve the very best start to their education and a high quality education is essential for all. I am very proud of the fact I am teaching the children of pupils I have taught in the past.
My role as a co-opted governor is an exciting new challenge.  I am hoping I will be able to share my knowledge of special educational needs in school with the governing board in my role as link SEND governor.

Sarah Hackwell

Co-opted Governor


I joined the Governing Board at Streethouse Primary School in July 2022 having been keen to support the local community and further develop my experience in education.  I currently work as a Year 6 Teacher at Wakefield Girl's High School and lead in Art and the Creative Curriculum.  I am also a House Leader promoting whole school charitable events involving pupils from Year 3 to Year 13.  I feel I would be able to apply my experience in the independent sector positively and uniquely to Streethouse Primary School.

Following my Psychology degree, I developed a keen interest in educational psychology and, in particular, SEND.  Furthermore, I work in a very analytical way and am keen to utilise data to further Teaching and Learning.  Additionally, I am interested in safeguarding and child protection and would be keen to develop my knowledge in this area as a governor.


Samantha Morris

Co-opted Governor 


As an experienced primary school teacher, I was pleased to join Streethouse Governing Board in November 2023 and welcome the opportunity to be able to offer my experience in teaching to benefit the local community and facilitate the continued development and future success of the school. I currently hold the post of Humanities Lead in a Wakefield school and am passionate about all things historical!

Prior to becoming a teacher, I spent 12 years working in advertising and publishing and hope to be able to offer my skills both in the business environment and education to the school.


Andrew Williams

Co-Opted Governor 

As a parent of two daughters who are now established in secondary education, I feel I now have the time commitment required to fully invest in a governor role.  A good quality primary school at the heart of the local community provides an important foundation for equipping pupils with the life skills they need to achieve their full potential.

I have lived and worked locally in the Five Towns area for 15 years and my own primary education was in a similar sized school and community to Streethouse.  I'm proud to be part of the governor team and look forward to contributing my efforts toward making a positive impact to every pupil's primary education here at this school.

I have both a financial managment and engineering background working in various public and private sectors businesses.  The skills and experience I have developed in my career will enable me to give a useful contribution to my governor role.



Chelsea Hunter

Parent Governor 

I became a governor at Streethouse School in September 2023 when my son joined the nursery.  I grew up in Streethouse myself and attended Streethouse Primary School so decided I wanted to give something back to the community.  I currently work as a supervisor at a GP surgery and decided I would like to put some of my free time to good use.

parent-governor-expression-of-interest-form.docx .docx




We have SOME vacancies on our Governing Board.

We are seeking to appoint both parent and co-opted governors. 

If you would be interested in supporting our school in this way, please get in touch with us!


Contact: office@streethouse.wakefield.sch.uk 

or on: 01977 798616.